Stew Snapper with Blue Crabs and Shrimp



Snappers, shrimps and blue crabs, all in the same venue….governed by me…OH YES!
You simply can’t get no ‘righter’ than this!
This is definitely the kinda party I would invite myself to…on a regular basis.
My fascination for seafood stews has increased rapidly and continues to rise. Whether it be shrimp or fish or crabs, my brain never ceases to create a fabulous culinary delight, packed with bold flavors. Don’t ask me how I do it. I WAS BORN TO COOK. Yes! I either go to sleep at night or wake up in the wee hours of the morning with a menu on my mind. Menu planning is my thing. Food planning is my life. I adore food and food adores me. We have that kinda relationship.

It’s been a while since I’ve cooked whole shrimps (with the heads on), and I was really missing, or should I say having this nostalgic feeling, to suck and chew on some shrimp heads. Yes I said it. You’re supposed to suck all the juice from the shrimp head and the crab claws…and the fish heads too…don’t get me started. I’ve always said the flavor lies within the bones, but this is an exception; the flavor lies within the shells. OMG talk about succulence and juiciness! The shrimp, crabs and snappers absorbs all the wonderful juices from the tomato sauce and OMG what an explosion of fabulousness!

I couldn’t stop basting the fishes, crabs and shrimp with the sauce. I couldn’t stop tasting the sauce. I couldn’t stop eating the shrimp. I couldn’t stop eating the crabs. Food is truly an addiction! I’m surprised that I had any left in the pot to snap a photo. Seafood stews really do rock and if you are big on flavors like I am, you will definitely understand.

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