Stewed Fish Island Style


homemade gravy DSC_0765

Sauces are simple. I don’t believe in buying gravy in a box or can.
I was craving fish. My mission was to find the freshest, most flavorful fishes.
I don’t know if it’s because Easter is right around the corner but I sure scored big!
I had my fishes and I intended to make a killer sauce because sauces enhance and adjust the flavor profile of any dish, which is why most of the recipes in my cookbook includes flavorful sauces/gravy that will have you licking your fingers and slapping yo’ momma.

stew fish in pot DSC_0779
My pot was packed with stewed fishes, overflowing with spices and fresh herbs, basted in the matrimonial sauce of love. I was serious about cooking and getting this done tonight. I spent a few hours out at the farmers market, a few more at the fish market, made it home and still wasn’t tired. I was determined to eat these fishes tonight.

stewed fish with okras DSC_0799
Okras marry excellently with fishes. I eat them raw and cooked but I prefer it more onto the raw crunchy side. The stew fish recipe in my cookbook doesn’t include okras, however if you are an okra fan, go ahead and customize it to your liking.
If only you could taste a lick of this!
You would probably ask for my hand in marriage.
It’s okay.
Sometimes I wanna marry me too.

It’s a blessing living in my house, cause you get to rekindle that love affair with your taste buds while eating all kinds of goodness. If you are new to me, you might be mad at me for a minute, or an hour, because I gotta take beautiful photos. I’m a blogger mom, a cookbook author, a health coach, a food photographer and nobody eats until I’m done taking pictures. I might just wanna use this photo for another cookbook.
Do you know how time consuming recipe developing is?
Do you have any idea how many hours I have invested in food photography?
I’ll take a thousand photos and only find (one), yes ‘one’ photo that I find worthy of publishing.
It’s a life saver when I don’t have to retake photos.
Do you have any idea how many times I redid a recipe, in the making of my last cookbook,  because I didn’t think the photos were Ange’luscious worthy?
Yes, I’m somewhat kind of a perfectionist. Sometimes my OCD goes into overdrive.
But, you would really enjoy and find comfort in my food….after the photo session.
My family is used to this. LOL

stew fish with vegetables DSC_0020
The wait is over!
Now this photo is da bomb!
The entire entree is the bomb!
I’m so proud of my farmers market greens; pea shoots, cauliflower, all kinds of lettuce greens and orange segments. My salad was divine.
Di food really neva haffi nice suh!
There outta be a law.
Should food really look and taste this good?

Believe it or not, there’s rice and beans on my plate, but you can barely see it.
Once again, this is what you call balance.
Add more green onto your plate. It will eventually crowd out the junk.
Have you ever heard of the term “eat the rainbow?”
Well I sure am eating the rainbow.

Are you?

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