Stir Fry Curry Chicken



Is it just me, or do you also believe that left over food remixes are the bomb!
Dinner always seem to taste better the next day, especially when you use fresh ingredients. Anyone can transform a simple meal using left over rice into Chinese take out in under ten minutes. Throw everything in a heated skillet, toss to combine and enjoy!

We have been led to believe that rice is bad. We’ve been led to believe that so many food types are bad. In my opinion; food isn’t bad, it’s the processing of the food that makes it horrible. I have learned (and is still learning) how to recognize what foods serves my higher purpose. I know how to make healthier selections by reading food labels/ingredients. I can’t make everything or grow every tree. I can’t and wont try to make my own rice, so some things I have to buy processed.
One day, I hope to have my own garden.
Let me take that back.
Think big Denise. Think big. Speak it into existence.
One day,  within the next year, I will have my own ranch with a huge garden, consisting of little pockets of gems cultivated all around my home. I do aspire to grown my own, nurturing my plants with the utmost love and care, knowing that they will reproduce and nourish my body in a fashion that only live plants can.

Until then, I will continue to support my local farmers market and enjoy the abundance of fresh produce like the pea shoots, tomatoes, mustard frills and broccoli in my asian inspired stir fry with curry chicken.


As I mentioned before, rice or any other real food, isn’t bad if you are eating lots of vegetables with it. Even though I’m a huge fan of black and red rice, the preferred rice in my home is Jasmine. White rice has been stripped of all it’s nutrients, but if you really enjoy your white rice, don’t deprive yourself. If you don’t have adverse reactions from white rice, go ahead, have a serving of rice and simply add more vegetables to balance out (crowd out) the bad stuff. Also, you may want to become familiar with rice that are nutrient dense, such as black, red or wild rice and incorporate them into your diet.

I’ve been analyzing asian cuisines for a minute and have always been fascinated by the whopping amount of vegetables served with their food. Sometimes I wonder if I was asian in a past life, because you will not get me to walk past that baby bok choy, nappa cabbage, bean sprouts or broccoli without buying. I’m always curious about all the other vegetables that I’m unfamiliar with, and will ask them how they usually prepare it.  Then I’ll take it home and try it. I refuse to eat the same foods over and over, when I can tweak it just a bit to create something magnificent.  My recipes are the comfort foods that I was raised on BUT, I add lots of vegetables and foods from around the world, to it. Take a good look through this website, my Facebook and Instagram accounts and you will notice that my culinary delights are never short on vegetables.
Because I believe in a balanced diet. I eat as much or as little as I want without guilt or shame. I refuse to be fixated on caloric intake or the thought of going to the gym to burn fat immediately after eating.

Whenever I set a plate in front of me, the only thought that counts is the divine feeling of knowing that my taste buds are about to explode; that I’m gonna make love to this food and let it be known that it’s appreciated; that I’m thankful for having been blessed with food; that my body is being nourished and healing from the inside out.
Ain’t nobody got time to count no calories.
Because food should always be celebrated.

How do you celebrate your food?

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