Tin Mackerel aka Dutty Gal in Roasted Red Pepper Sauce


In Jamaica, tin mackerel is frowned upon, as it is considered “poor people’s food.” Today we are about to debunk that myth because ain’t nothing poor about dis Dutty Gal right ‘ere.

She’s has straightened her crown and standing tall alongside roasted cabbage, kumato tomatoes, yellow squash, chayote and okras in a Roasted Red Pepper Sauce with boiled green bananas (resistant starch). I say she’s phucking winning right now!

I know many Jamaican’s who ate way too much tin mackerel during their childhood and can’t stand the sight of it; while others still can’t seem to get enough.

I purchased wild caught mackerel in brine because I don’t really care for the ones in tomato sauce (as I prefer to make my own sauces). As much as y’all would love to believe, I do NOT make everything from scratch.

Right now all praises are going to di Dutty Gal cause she is well deserved and have satiated many hunger pangs throughout the years, and is still going strong.
Food should always be celebrated and Dutty Gal today and forever more, we celebrate you.

How do you like your dutty gal?

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