Totally Orgasmic Breakfast!


I’m not saying that I’m right and your wrong, but in my opinion sauces imparts such wonderful flavors and accentuates my authentic dishes.

This sandwich is a remix of the dinner I had prepared the night before and let me tell you……hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm the flavors are amazing! Did I ever tell you that leftovers taste much better on the next day? Well it does.  I had braised steaks, rice and black beans, creamed spinach and roasted red pepper, carrot, green bean and broccoflower salad for dinner. I prepared  bechamel sauce for the creamed spinach and it was out of this world! I’m learning a lot about sauces in culinary school and this is one of the “mother sauce”s in the french cuisine. It’s not a complicated sauce, it’s fairly simple and enhances the flavor. I even added some gruyere cheese….yum!

I woke up the next morning and had two pieces of steak remaining. I really don’t now how that happened, but I’m glad that it did. My son Robert must not have noticed, because if he did, I would have been out of luck. My grandma and I were very lucky since  I didn’t have to prepare breakfast from scratch. MY GRANDMA CAN EAT!  She is not one of those picky eater grandmas, neither does she have appetite suppression. No not my grandma. We quickly devoured theses two sandwiches which I prepared using french bread. I packed it with everything but the black beans and rice. I drizzle a bit of  the steak sauce (from the steaks)  over the bread, instead of using butter or mustard. I am a gravy/sauce loving diva!

The other day I was serving at a buffet, and noticed several individuals actually REFUSED gravy with their meals. I doubt that a tablespoon of gravy/sauce is going to hurt anyone. I thought to myself: “Boy oh boy, sauces and gravy has really gotten a bad rap.” However, had it been a bowl of clam chowder, yall would’ve had two or three bowls without any apprehension, and chowders can be pretty thick and rich…..and…..creamy…yum! lol

Sauces/Gravy enhances the flavor of food. If the meat was braised, all the LOVE is embedded in the sauce. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG WITH SAUCE/GRAVY. In my opinion, when the sauce DOMINATES/OVERPOWERS everything else on your plate, THEN THAT’S A PROBLEM. For example: Your spaghetti ISN’T supposed to be swimming in the sauce. The sauce is supposed to enhance the flavor. Neither should your rice should be swimming in the gravy. I understand that sauces can be very rich and may include some “undesirable” ingredients, but sauce really isn’t bad, if you USE IT IN MODERATION, or better yet PREPARE IT FROM SCRATCH (that way you will know exactly what the ingredients are, as well as customize the dish to your specific needs). Sauces can be loaded with healthy, nutritious ingredients, so you won’t feel so guilty for having it.

If you prefer to skip the gravy, I respect your decision but as for me, I AM NEVER EVER GOING TO OMIT THE GRAVY/SAUCE…..NO NOT I.

Are you one of the “please hold the gravy” kind of person and why?


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