Why I became the CEO of my health


Hi, I’m Angeline
A Jamaican Queen, Holistic Health Coach, Holistic Chef, Author, Speaker and cancer survivor residing in the United States of America.  I have birthed two handsome men, Robert and D’Angelo, who have contributed tremendously to my will to live. As I embraced the holistic lifestyle, I became the go-to person for all things health and wellness, therefore,  it was only natural that I honed my gift and pursue a career in holistic health. And I did….

In 2004, I was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (breast cancer).  I was neither ready nor willing to give my power over to cancer. There was absolutely, positively no way that I,  Angeline Temple was about to allow a cancer diagnosis to paralyze or induce any kind of  fear in me.

My initial response to the doctor was: “Ok, so what do we do now?”

I was offered two choices: radiation or bilateral mastectomy. The doctor explained that with radiation, “there was no guarantee that the cancer would not return in another area of my body.”  Those words resonated with me and for that I am thankful. Most doctors do not explain, that after chemotherapy or radiation,  the cancer usually returns more aggressively OR in another area of your body. I knew there wasn’t room in my life for suffering and sickness.
I am blessed with a loving and supportive family, who needs and rely heavily on my presence. I didn’t want to undergo radiation, then discover later on that the cancer had returned and be forced to repeat radiation all over again…and again.

Back then, I wasn’t informed/educated about cancer or radiation. I opted for bilateral mastectomy, as I thought the recovery process would be less challenging. I thought I’d have surgery, return home and resume to my quality of life; cooking up a storm and taking care of my household like the perfect housewife, mother, friend and holistic chef that I was created to be.
I want you to understand this: My family loves me! Words cannot express the love I have for my family.  I wasn’t planning on leaving this earth no time soon. I remember having a conversation with my cousin, Carol. I told her, “The doctor says I have cancer. One of us has to go and it sure ain’t gonna be me.”
I speak in affirmation and use my tongue to speak blessings over my life; over my children’s life, over my family’s life because we are safe and all is well.

After the surgery, I was released from the hospital without any expert advice on nutrition, therefore I continued to indulge in the same foods (some of which weren’t nutrient dense).  Even though I am a classically trained chef, I consider myself to be a home cook first, because home is where the love is.  I have always cooked from scratch, however, my food choices weren’t always healthy. I was using packaged foods ladened with chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavorings, synthetic vitamins, food colorings, unhealthy  oils, juices  ladened with sugar and corn syrup and a plethora of ‘food like substances’ which really disrupted my ecosystem. My hormonal balance was totally out of whack. I was at the doctor’s office frequently which I thought was also normal. My medicine cabinet was identical to that of  a pharmacy, as I stocked up on  medications that were prescribed each time I showed up at the doctor’s office.

Without a doubt, I was back into the hospital again. This time, I was diagnosed with endometriosis/adenomyosis, which is an auto immune disease that will have every woman fearing their menstrual cycle.  I didn’t know any better and I didn’t want to experience another horrible menstrual cycle, so once again, I gladly accepted the offer for surgery because that was the only option that was given to me.  I couldn’t wait to get into the operating room! Endometriosis is a beast!  Back then, everything the doctors told me, I took it as bible.  I was very obedient, because, after all, they went to school for a hundred years, so of course I thought they were credible. For years I was lead to believe that they had my best interest at heart.

“I took everything out. You’re cured” he said; after I awoke from all the anesthesia.
Guess what?
I wasn’t cured.  I wasn’t healed. I wasn’t better. The surgery failed miserably.  Within two month all the problems returned.  I continued to experience unbearable menstrual pains. To add to my problems, there were  major side effects from the medications. When I wasn’t in pain, I felt as if I was sleeping my life away.  One of the side effects of the medications made me so drowsy. I remember calling the doctor’s office and telling them, “I just wanna stay awake. I’m tired of sleeping.”  For the duration of my cycle,  I would miss one entire week from work (every month). I  had to request Family Medical Leave from my then place of employment. The pain was so horrible, that I was unable to work. I had put all my trust in the doctor to ‘fix me’ and make all of the excruciating pain, irregular menstrual cycles and heavy bleeding go away.

During my visits, all the doctor did was reference his big book, then write more prescriptions.  Around that time, I began to question the side effect of the prescriptions before they exchanged hands. The doctor began to show signs of irritability and frustrations. It was as if I was bothering him. He didn’t have one solid answer on how get to the core of the problem. His only solution was to  remove my uterus.

With his hands throw up in the air, “I told you to remove your uterus. That’s the only way to fix it!” he yells.
Like really?
Was he serious?
I had already removed both of my breast. The nerve of him to even suggest that I remove my uterus too!  All because he lacked the ability to explain why the endometriosis had returned  within two months post surgery.  The one he performed.  That was my “aha” moment!  That’s when the light bulb came on. It was then, that I realized  I was just a guinea pig to him. That was the last time I visited him AND that was when I decided to take full responsibility and become the CEO of my health.

After becoming my own doctor (I know my body better than anyone else) and much research later; it was very disturbing to discover that the breast cancer I was diagnosed with, was in it’s very early stage and bilateral mastectomy was unnecessary. I’ve also learned that when diagnosed with any kind of cancer; the doctors responsibility is to get you started on chemotherapy or radiation as quickly as possibly, for fear of loosing that insurance money. Had I know back then, what I know now, I would have refused the surgery and radiation, and adopted a holistic lifestyle. Had I been privy to the fact that healing is possible, if given the proper nutrients and care; that my body is an incredible machine that wants to heal and is capable of healing from the inside out, I would have declined their offer.

I’m glad I used my voice to decline the hysterectomy.  By utilizing a  holistic approach to healing (nutrition and lifestyle), I am annihilating endometriosis.  My periods are now regulated.  The electric shocks that would run through my body at any given time of the day, 365 days a year has ceased.  Heavy periods are a thing of the past. Thank God! I no longer have to wear two sanitary napkins at once. I’m no longer bed ridden/paralyzed by those excruciating pains.  Yes, they are now tolerable. I’ve learned to manage my symptoms without prescription drugs. My transformation didn’t happen overnight  and I won’t promise you a magic pill.  I’m a living testimony and  here to inform you that  holistic nutrition and lifestyle works!  By taking full responsibility for my health and incorporating more fruits and vegetables into my lifestyle, I have regained my life. You live and you learn. I am grateful for this life transforming lesson.

I use this website as a platform to share my passion for all thing culinary. My cookbook From My Taste Buds To Yours  embodies and encourages cooking from scratch without the use of artificial ingredients and preservatives. My recipes aren’t overburdened with a “package of this or a can of that,” because I believe in a holistic approach to healing with wholesome, unprocessed food; real food. Perfection isn’t the goal. My goal is to support what works for you.

Becoming the CEO of my health has been the most rewarding experience in my life.  I am my primary care physician. I understand my body better than any doctor. I no longer use prescription drugs to mask symptoms. Being a holistic chef and eating foods from the earth has completely transformed my life and shaped my career. My love for all things culinary and holistic has compelled me to share my education and experience with you on a greater level.

Cancer is not a death sentence. Chronic illness is not a death sentence.  In my health coaching practice, I use the knowledge that I have attained to inspire, educate and empower others to take control of their health. I would love to share with you, how you too can  live a healthy, vibrant, energetic and fulfilling life.  As your health coach, being your guide and mentor will be as rewarding for me, as it is for you. Your health is your wealth!

Are you ready to become the CEO of your health?

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