Why I don’t do multivitamins or (isolated) vitamins


Are you consuming large quantities of store bought vitamins? Before taking isolated vitamins, it would be wise to educate yourself on their bioavailability. You’re probably asking, “what the heck is bioavailability?” In layman’s term, bioavailability refers to absorption.  So what we should be really asking ourselves is, “Is this pill being absorbed into my body or am I taking this in vain?”
Too often we find ourselves buying multiple vitamins with health claims that are far from the truth. Truth is, most of them are filled with fillers, chemical, all kind of nasties and very little vitamin, if any at all.  I was once caught up in the matrix, thinking that all these multivitamins, with all their health claims, would warrant a healthier life. They sure made some money off me. Their marketing strategies had me loading up on all kinds of pills in bottles. I was under the impression that it would increase the longevity of my family and I. Now I know better, so I do better. Personally, I prefer to obtain my nutrients through nature (diet and lifestyle).

Regardless of how many pills you take, for whatever reason, the bottom line is that you won’t find much success without proper nutrition and lifestyle. Since I became the CEO of my health, I have always been an advocate of nourishing foods and obtaining my natural vitamins from the earth. There are instances when it may be difficult to increase the levels of certain vitamins and minerals with nutrition, and in that case supplementation may be necessary.

For years, I was advised that I was borderline anemic and was repeatedly instructed to purchase iron pills. “You don’t need a prescription. It’s easily accessible over the counter,” they said. I thought I was doing the right thing by following doctors orders. Back then, I wasn’t in the habit of questioning doctors recommendation. Though I swallowed those iron pills daily; I was weak, fatigued, easily exhausted and lethargic, as they did absolutely nothing for my iron levels. Why? It’s and isolated vitamin and iron needs vitamin C for proper absorption. For the five hundred years that I had been seen by these medical practitioners; did any of the them ever explain that to me? Of course not!  They can only do but so much in the quick two minutes (7 minutes if your lucky lol), that they spend with each patient. So without a doubt, at every single doctor visit, after reviewing my records, I was nonchalantly advised that I was borderline anemic. There are tons of earth foods that are perfectly and nutritionally balanced, which would have allowed the proper assimilation of iron. This is the reason why I choose to eat foods that are nourishing instead of popping pills.

By the way, I have ditched the iron pills and now use unsulphured black strap molasses which is an excellent source of iron and boy do I love it! Even before I was aware of the whole iron + vitamin C efficacy, blackstrap worked wonders for me. Actually, the ton loads of juices that I consume daily probably contributed to its efficacy, cause it ain’t that difficult to get Vitamin C from raw juices. See, no matter what pill or supplement you decide to take, your dietary and lifestyle changes needs to be up to par. All you gotta do is eat healthy and find joy. It’s that simple.

I’m happy to report that I no longer crave ice, feel lethargic or exhausted, and my complexion is not as pale as it used to be.  Oh let me tell you, before using black strap molasses, COQ10 (which is present in every cell of our body and responsible for energy production) was the only vitamin that gave me life! I swear. However, I stopped taking the COQ10 when I realized there was soy in the brand I had bought, and y’all know how I feel about soy.  That was some eight years ago. Nowadays my juices gives me life!

When I use the word “isolated” I’m referring to a stand alone vitamin. I’m referring to any bottle of vitamin which includes one or more letters of the alphabet, which are sometimes accompanied by numbers. I’m not bashing isolated vitamins. However to increase it’s absorption, it usually needs another vitamin and/or a healthy fat, and many individuals are not privy to that information. Now, I don’t feel like I should be popping one vitamin, then taking another one to back up the first vitamin.  It just seems a little bit too much for me, when I can easily create an authentic smoothie or juice, or a balanced nutritious meal. Nature automatically provides all the nutritional components required for absorption.

On the flip side, B12 is one of those controversial vitamins that they claim is only found naturally in animals. Vegans totally disagree and claims that we receive B12 through dirt (SBO), soil based organisms. I am totally with the ‘eat your dirt’ movement. It’s the way nature intended. The earth is miraculous! Anyway, that’s another discussion for another day.

Are you getting your vitamins from the earth or are you into isolated vitamins?

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