Wild Rice Pilaf


Wild Rice Pilaf
Did I ever mention that I enjoy creating different meals because I can’t stand boredom of any kind, especially in my sanctuary? Things become boring if it isn’t challenging…for me that is. Some folks have no issues repeating the same ole things every day, but no, not I.

My rice repertoire has since expanded. I love rice and devours it plenty. My least favorite rice is brown rice. There is just something about that rice and I don’t care for it one bit.  I love wild rice. I like the sound and taste of it: WILD RICE…doesn’t that sound exotic? The texture is some kinda different from any other rice and I find it rather interesting. It definitely floats my boat and removes much boredom from my dinner plate.

Food excites me. Interesting food excites me. Colorful food excites me. Wild rice excites me. Cultural foods excites me. Wanna see me smile all day? Just keep talking that food talk. Tell me something about food that I have never experienced. I know I have lots more rice and other foods to try, so if there is a particular food or dish that you would like to introduce me to; please by all means tell me about it. I’m all ears.


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