Shrimp Po’ Boy


D’Angelo is going to be super excited when he comes home from school today. He has long anticipated these Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwiches. I have been meaning to prepare them since Sunday.  He was a bit disappointed yesterday, so I started out early this morning.  I’m a perfectionist, and if the moment or timing isn’t right, then I refuse to waste my time cooking.  I really try to give 110% in everything that I do.  The flavors have to be perfect and compliment each other excellently.  If I’m not in the mood, there will be no love in the food either.

I don’t like bland food and in so not interested in bland shrimp either. I’m REALLY big on flavor. I don’t do store bought Italian bread crumbs either, as I have no idea how long it’s been sitting on the shelf, and I’m quite sure the herbs have lost some, if not all of their flavor. So what’s a diva to do. I chopped up thyme, marjoram, basil, and tarragon. These herbs are gonna shine today.

Mint and Tarragon

Dill and Marjoram (the dill wasn’t included in this dish)


Chopped Herbs

I pondered on how I would make the breading for the shrimp.  I try to steer clear of eggs (when frying anything) because that “eggy” flavor seems to transfer over into whatever it is that I’m frying. I’m not really fond of  “eggy” flavored shrimp, fish or chicken. Then I had a brilliant idea: “What if I remove the yolks and just use the eggs whites? All I really needed was the glue-like consistency to bind the breading.”  And that is exactly what I did.  I set up my breading station and totally rocked out! So here we go: Seasoned all purpose flour, egg whites and herbed panko breadcrumbs.

My shrimp got really happy after I breaded it and placed in into the hot oil. I couldn’t help myself. I had to eat a few of them before it was even plated. I know…..I’m so greedy, but I love me anyway….lol

I juiced a coconut yesterday and the juicer was sooo amazing, it extracted all the moisture from the coconut. (By the way, the juice from the coconut was so creamy and concentrated. It’s much more tastier than adding coconut and water to a blender). While I was frying the shrimp, I had another brilliant idea: Why don’t I add these NATURAL COCONUT SHREDS to the panko mixture…..and I did. I repurpose everything in this here house…hence, a mixture of shrimp  and they were just as amazing as the ones without the coconut breading.

I told you that the coconut had no moisture!

D’Angelo love hollandaise sauce (which by the way is one of the mother sauces). I was taught that in culinary school. I didn’t want to waste the egg yolks that I had separated from the egg batter, so I decided to make the sauce. I was going to serve it over D’Angelo’s sandwich.  I was doing really well until my grandma distracted me and the sauce just went haywire. Well here is a photo of my hollandaise sauce…. while it was in it’s prime.

Even though my hollandaise sauce was ruined, I was in no way deterred. I simply made another dressing in which I utilized my chopped herbs. It was wonderful and complimented the sandwich beautifully.  What was in the new dressing: sour cream, dijon mustard, lime juice and chopped herbs.

I like ciabatta bread and D’Angelo prefers french bread. When he’s home he can put together his sandwich. In the meantime, I’m gonna enjoy the fruits of my labor.

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